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About Clear Sky Communications Ltd.

Providing Professional Training and Consulting Services to International Corporations in Taiwan

John Groot, Founder and Director

Safani Chen, President

Born in Canada, John has lived abroad for almost one third of his life. Living in Africa as a child, and traveling throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia in adulthood, John has been studying, working and communicating with people from different cultures for his entire life. With a background in journalism and training, John is able to research and communicate facts and ideas very quickly and effectively.

Arriving in Taiwan in 2001, John has since made this his new home. His many years in country, his friends and business contacts developed over time, and his dedication to a lifelong relationship with Taiwan give him the ability to effectively help bridge the gap between Taiwanese and international business partners.

Safani is from Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, and has lived in Taipei since 1994. As a business reporter for one of Taiwan's oldest newspapers, she is very familiar with the Taipei business scene, and has a wide range of contacts in commerce and government that keep her up to date on issues and trends of importance to the international business community.

Safani has traveled widely and has a keen interest in foreign cultures. Her marriage to John enables them to work together as an intercultural team, helping both sides bridge the gap between the local and the international in a way distinctly appropriate and effective to Taiwan.

Intercultural Training
Increase Employee Productivity
Create and Leverage Relationships
Improve Corporate Localization

Writing and Editing Services

Web / Print Content Creation

Technical Writing

Product Descriptions

Internal Communications

Business Traveler Support

Newcomer Orientation to Taiwan

Etiquette, Culture and Business

Legal, Visa, and Other Support

Business English Training

Dynamic Presentations

Efficient Meetings

Accurate E-mail, Clear Phone Calls
Increased Confidence and Fluency

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