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Intercultural Training
Increase Employee Productivity
Create and Leverage Relationships
Improve Corporate Localization

Business Traveler Support

Newcomer Orientation to Taiwan

Etiquette, Culture and Business

Legal, Visa, and Other Support

Business English Training

Dynamic Presentations

Efficient Meetings

Accurate E-mail, Clear Phone Calls
Increased Confidence and Fluency

Writing and Editing Services

Web / Print Content Creation

Technical Writing

Product Descriptions

Internal Communications

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Clear Sky Business English Services

Business English Training

We offer professional services for:

  • Web and Print Content Creation

  • Technical Writing

  • Product Descriptions

  • Report Editing and Rewriting

  • Mission and Values Statement Creation

  • Internal Communications










English learning programs available for individuals, students, small, medium and large corporate groups. Programs include classes, workshops and seminars on:

  • Dynamic Presentations

  • Efficient and Productive Meetings

  • Clear Phone Communication

  • Accurate Business Correspondence

  • Improve Business English Fluency

  • Socialize with Confidence

  • Excelling in TOEFL, TOEIC, and GEPT Testing

Writing and Editing Services

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