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Intercultural Training
Increase Employee Productivity
Create and Leverage Relationships
Improve Corporate Localization

Business Traveler Support

Newcomer Orientation to Taiwan

Etiquette, Culture and Business

Legal, Visa, and Other Support

Business English Training

Dynamic Presentations

Efficient Meetings

Accurate E-mail, Clear Phone Calls
Increased Confidence and Fluency

Writing and Editing Services

Web / Print Content Creation

Technical Writing

Product Descriptions

Internal Communications

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Clear Sky Cross-cultural Communication Programs

Cross-cultural Communication Training

Cross-cultural Communication is the field concerned with how cultural factors such as values, customs, beliefs, and attitudes affect communication and teamwork.


In companies where Taiwanese and Westerners work together, training leaders and staff to communicate and work better with people from other cultures saves both time and money.


Decades of experience in Asia has shown that this training makes employee turnover go down, and morale, innovation and productivity go up.


Clear Sky Communications Ltd. offers classes, seminars, workshops and personal consultations that help international and Taiwanese businesspeople and government officials work together more efficiently, confidently and harmoniously.

Newcomer to Taiwan Training

Coming to Taiwan soon, or just arrived? New foreign employees onboard at your company?

Moving to a new country is an exciting but challenging process, full of new rules, realities and points of view. Why not avoid the same old mistakes that foreign visitors commonly make that result in frustration, culture shock, and lost business opportunities and productivity?

We'll help you or your employees integrate into Taiwan’s society and business culture as quickly and enjoyably as possible.

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