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Clear Sky Communications Mission, Values and Vision

Providing Professional Training and Consulting Services to International Corporations in Taiwan

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

Taiwan is a globalized country very much open for business. To do business successfully in the modern world, speaking English is essential, but it is only part of the puzzle. The challenges to communication are often cultural as well as linguistic; people from different countries have different and often confusing ways of thinking and behaving. Misunderstandings cost time and money.

However, when Taiwanese and Western business partners can understand each other better and communicate more clearly, many problems will disappear, and their business dealings will be smoother, more efficient, innovative and profitable.

To provide top-quality training and consulting services in language, culture and communication to international companies in Taiwan at local prices. 

Loyalty: Our customers are our friends, and we want the friendship to be long-term.


Integrity: We do what we say we will and we always do our best. All information held in the strictest confidence.


Value: Excellent quality at local prices.

Localization: Developing knowledge and contacts that are uniquely useful in Taiwan.

Intercultural Training
Increase Employee Productivity
Create and Leverage Relationships
Improve Corporate Localization

Writing and Editing Services

Web / Print Content Creation

Technical Writing

Product Descriptions

Internal Communications

Business Traveler Support

Newcomer Orientation to Taiwan

Etiquette, Culture and Business

Legal, Visa, and Other Support

Business English Training

Dynamic Presentations

Efficient Meetings

Accurate E-mail, Clear Phone Calls
Increased Confidence and Fluency

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